Saturday, July 7, 2012

Cherry and Peach and Pecan, oh my!

Three pies in one week might be a bit much, one might think. 

But the 4th of July at the beach begs for a cherry pie, don't you think?  Besides, I had the handy assistance of my favorite sous chef.

The way she darts into the kitchen - "I wanna help make! Up, up!" - it makes my heart smile.

The pie was pretty good.  The condo kitchen was just small enough to make me kind of wish I had gone with store bought crust, but it turned out ok anyway.

Check it out y'all.  That star is hand carved.  And those cherries - hand pitted by my sister and me.

This morning, the aroma of peach and cinnamon waft through the dining room tempting me to taste-test the pies that I've made for today's get together.  I..must..resist.

The peach pie is topped with a crumble topping - yes, you read that right.  Maybe that is a little over the top, but this is the Summer o' Pie after all.

I tasted a bit of the filling that dripped out and a crust crumb that was dangling from the edge.  Let's just say I'm ready for dessert today!

Oh, and there's a chocolate pecan pie too - because people deserve options, right?  The pecans, glazed with syrupy goodness, are shiny and fragrant. 

Seriously, is it time for dessert yet??  Seriously.

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