Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Goodbye (to pie)

An early (and final!) installment of  the Summer o' Pies:

The last pie of the summer is a Southern classic: Chocolate Chess Pie.  Mom used to stop at the bakery next to the train depot in downtown Lawrenceville where they made the best Chocolate Chess Pie.  (Told you it was a Southern classic - there's cornmeal in this recipe, y'all.)  Raechel and I loved these things.

Because time is short and I really shouldn't be baking today, I cheated and used a store bought crust.

This pie is very unique. I think it's technically a custard pie, but it doesn't follow the rules.  It's a unique texture, a unique mixing method, has unique ingredients.  There aren't many pies that contain cornmeal nor that mix flour and sugar together in the dry ingredient stage nor that call for melted butter.

This pie is chocolate. 

Southern, unique, chocolate.  This was the natural choice for my final pie.  We'll have it for dessert tonight.

Like I said, time is short.  The pie is in the oven now.  I might update with pics later.  (Yes, I did already have a picture of cocoa powder on my computer.  There might be a photo shoot's worth of them - what exactly is your point?)

Goodbye, Summer o' Pie.

(Ok, I might have teared up like mad crazy listening to this song.. I have a lot going on in my head/heart at the moment.)

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