Thursday, June 28, 2012

Southern Summer Night

Lying in the grass with a dog, a glass of wine (or two), and the shining moon, watching the fireflies lit away.  There’s nothing quite like a Southern Summer Night. 

After the pie-making, the heat of the day, the tears, the cuteness of a child, the companionship of a sister, and the sweat, it is a lovely relief.

Ok, ok, there was also a bat flitting around in that Tennessee-Williams-esque night.  But nature gives us all of these things - the coolness of the night, the dog, the moon, the wine, the bugs and the bats. The bats are unpleasant, maybe a bit off-putting, but they are true.  It is reality.  Reality sometimes bites. (OMG with the puns already, I know.)

The night, so lovely… and the bats. Sweet and bitter.

Maybe it was the Southern Summer Night.  But it sure felt right.

There’s a song that goes along with these images.  But it doesn’t exactly fit the sentiment and I’ve been doing too many songs-with-posts lately, so I’ll just link to “Maybe it was Memphis” here. You can listen and enjoy the 90s’ styles (a la country music) if you so choose – at one point there’s an oversized plaid shirt, big bangs, and a cotton field y’all. I do love this song, fyi. Pam Tillis is feeling it, too. (If you don’t watch it now, I don’t know what to say.  I did what I could.)

You should for-def check out this blog for visual and quote-y inspiration though.

Be inspired and go, inspire.

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