Saturday, June 2, 2012

Strawberry Fool Pie . . . no offense

The classic British dessert, strawberry fool, always makes me feel apologetic.  Maybe it is named such because it’s so darn easy to make.  And it’s so delicious – any fool would like it!  (Insert pun-tastic-ness here.)

So how do you make a healthy snack of fresh fruit even more delicious? 

Puree fruit with sugar.  Whip up some cream. Fold it together. And add a chocolate cookie crumb crust. Chill.

And call it pie.

And call it yummy.  (I hope.)
Because this pie was a gift for a friend who is subletting my apartment, this was my only taste of the near final product:

May was a month of cream and custard pies (which was a happy accident).  June I think will be fruit pies.  The Strawberry Fool Pie, with its classic strawberry and cream filling, was a perfect transition. 

Anyone want to go farmer’s marketing with me to find some fruit to make less healthy??

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