Saturday, June 23, 2012

Such a tart!

Low-fat lemon pie and a fig tart - this week’s pies were such tarts! Don’t spread that around, will you?

Excuse the punny-ness.  I’m afraid that this is a trend that will last at least until the summer o’ pies ends.  All the sugar is going to my head.  Please note that my sense of humor is engulfed by my anglophile tendencies.  Britain = my heartthrob.  All of this Olympics/Jubilee/Prince-William-turning-30 nonsense doesn’t help, ok? 

Anyway, back to the pies. 

Dad requested lemon pie for Father’s Day – technically this is a cream pie and doesn’t fit in my fruit pie theme, but it was Father’s Day and lemon is a fruit... 

I found this Weight Watcher’s recipe that served as a perfect end to the roast chicken, green beans, and grilled bread and corn-on-the-cob.  We could all use a little low-fat as we approach the middle of this pie thing.  Plus, it was a satisfying way to encourage Dad to stick to what should be his diet. (Although, I will say low-fat graham cracker crust is crumbly without all the butter to bind it… but still tasty.)

Tart and creamy, they were right when they said that you should make two of these.  My brother-in-law, who had to work on Father’s Day, may or may not have tasted this pie depending on whether or not my sister needed another slice after we left their house.

I mentioned the figs, yes? I couldn’t not make a pie. 

I planned to make a beautiful formed tart using my mother’s tart pan with its crimped ridges and removable bottom, but alas I couldn’t find the bottom.  It has to be here somewhere!

No matter, from perfectly formed to free-form we go.  Increase the oven temp and make your own edge around the frangipane and fig filling.

The frangipane, btw, is super-duper dangerous.  Simple to make and tasting of almond danish, I am tempted to buy puff pastry and slather this stuff on it…mmmmmmmm… C’est dangereux.  Also, I can’t pronounce “frangipane” in English without sounding like a hick and I feel like such a jerk saying it in French, so I will refrain from saying this word aloud.  From here on out it will be an almond pastry cream.

Anyway, I’ve had far too much of this rich tart this week.  What, tart for breakfast is frowned upon?  And then another slice for dessert at dinner is bad too? 

Ok, ok, I feel bad.  I’m going to swim a few laps before this day starts.  Maybe I’ll take a break from sweet pies this week and go for a pot pie instead.  Although today is my brother-in-law’s birthday… We shall see.

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